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Another Reason Why I Love Jott

Jott_reminder On Monday I'm meeting with two clients and need to get some materials unrelated to our meeting from one of them. Usually I write myself a note to remember this kind of thing. Half the time I somehow don't see the note or for some other reason I'll STILL forget to get the materials. But this was before the awesomeness of Jott.

Now, on Monday at 10:15 a.m., during my client meeting,  I'm going to get a text message reminding me to get those materials.  If I forget them this time, then I'm just going to have to give it up.


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Michele, I believe I've found another potential use for jot. In my blog post of 2-28-08, I included a small movie in which I used sign language (apologies for my rusty skills). Britt asked a question regarding ADA requirements for providing a transcript. So, I experimented with Jott as a means to create a transcript. I left this in its original form, to show how accurate Jott can be. There are a couple errors, however this could be a way to quickly compose the message and then it could be edited after the fact.

For anyone who has not used Jott, note there is a link to the actual audio file as well. When accessed, this provides the text and a recording of the original audio message.

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