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We Have 24 Hours to Raise Additional Money for America's Giving Challenge

I'm on deadline for a report but wanted to share this email that just arrived in my inbox. Looks like we have an opportunity to bring in even more support for the Sharing Foundation through America's Giving Challenge:

To add a little extra incentive (and excitement) to the final weeks of the Challenge, we're pleased to announce the following additional awards that will be available for the next five days, beginning at noon today (Monday, January 21st):

The fundraiser with the most unique donations in a 24-hour period (measured noon-to-noon) will receive an additional $250 from GlobalGiving, AND have their largest single donation matched, up to $1,000.

  • To qualify for the extra $250 and matching funds, fundraisers must generate a minimum of 10 donations during this 24-hour period (measured from noon-to-noon Eastern time). 
  • The fundraiser receiving the additional funds (i.e. with the most donations) will be announced at the end of each 24-hour period. 
  • All fundraisers are  eligible.

These incentives are, of course, in addition to the America's Giving Challenge awards: $50,000 to the projects supported by the four fundraisers receiving the most donations, and $1,000 each to the 50 projects with the greatest number of total donations.

As you can see by the leaderboard, competition is heating up and it promises to be an exciting race to the end.  Remember, it's still anyone’s game and a lot can change in the next week and a half!

Right now we're at number one, but the number two cause is only 45 donations behind us, so we want to hold onto our lead. Plus how cool if we could get the incentive money for this 24 hour period! If you haven't participated yet, please think about making a donation. And if you have--thanks for your generous support!


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You rock!! Thanks so much. I got a little obsessed with twittering! I think I could write a book called "How To Procrastinate for a Cause"

Thanks again for all your help with this .. could not have done it without your help.

PS .. on Jan. 31st . I have to do a keynote workshop in Texas .. Do you think it would be inappropriate to ask the audience to pull out their credit cards and donate on their laptops ..:-) Not talking about fundraising though, ROI ..hmm..

I say go for it--it's another way to show ROI!

Thank you for sharing this. Very similar to what I just started doing with synchronous learning.

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