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Want to Build a Better Blog?

Buildingabetterblog2 Looks like another group is forming to go through the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Challenge, thanks to Sue Waters. If you're up for 31 days of seriously intense learning, check out Sue's wiki with all the Challenge assignments. You might also want to join the Building a Better Blog community, where we've started a forum to share advice and provide support to this brave group of bloggers. The 31 Day challenge was an incredibly intense learning experience, but well worth it. It's made even better when you can go through it with other people, so if you've been thinking about doing it, now may be the time!


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I am one of the new 31 day challenge bloggers so will be really pleased to see people joining us. cheers Sarah

Thanks Michele for telling others about the new 31 Day Project - hopefully it encourages more people to participate.

Hi Folks
I'm one of the '31 BBB Originals' from last year. Just a little note to say this is a great thing you are doing. It's going to need full engagement, but you are in the hands of some terrific mentors here with Sue Waters and Michele Martin. It will be the single best thing you do in 2008 for your blogging.
Good luck!

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