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Thanks to You, We Won America's Giving Challenge

Leaderboardfinal_5 Thanks to all of you who responded to my calls over the past few weeks for donations to support the Sharing Foundation through America's Giving Challenge.  Although they still have to do a final audit, the leaderboard says that we finished in FIRST PLACE with 1710 unique donations totaling $40,733! That means if the standings hold and we remain in the top four (which anticipate will happen), we'll have raised over $90,000 to help educate poor children in Cambodia! Now children like Mon Channy  will be able to get an education and a ticket to a better life.

Everyone's support of this campaign has been amazing, a real testament to the power of online networks--and the obsession of Beth Kanter, who I'm fairly certain has not slept in the past month. She's also been sharing what she's learning in the process, so she's a giver all-around.

Thank you everyone--you're great!


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Congratulations Michele!

Thanks, Laura--I'm just really happy for the kids!

Well, it's unofficial .. but it looks good.

Thanks again for all your help! about to crash and burn .. but wanted to give you my heartfelt thanks.



Congratulations and great job! I enjoyed participating and using the badge you set upat the start.

Thanks Roger--and thanks for participating. It's amazing the power of connections, isn't it?

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