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Thanks to You, We Won America's Giving Challenge

Thanks to all of you who responded to my calls over the past few weeks for donations to support the Sharing Foundation through America's Giving Challenge. Although they still have to do a final audit, the leaderboard says that we finished in FIRST PLACE with 1710 unique donations totaling $40,733! That means if the standings hold and we remain in the top four (which anticipate will happen), we'll have raised... Read more →

Making Your Work Life More Manageable

For many of us (myself included), managing your career is partially about finding that elusive balance between your personal and professional pursuits and goals. Rosetta Thurman has a wonderful post up about how she's using The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters to get more work/life balance. In this post I'm going to share some of what Rosetta's been doing, along with some additional advice and... Read more →

We Desperately Need Your Help to Win America's Giving Challenge

We have a little over 24 hours left in the America's Giving Challenge Contest (which ends January 30 at 3 p.m. EST) and as you can see from the leaderboard, the Sharing Foundation has the number 2 spot. But we're in a VERY tight race with numbers 3 and 4. To win the $50,000 we MUST be in the top 4. For the past three weeks we've been in either... Read more →

The Perfect Storm of Opportunity for Learning

Great article in Educause--Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail and Learning 2.0. Some key quotes: The world has become increasingly “flat,” as Tom Friedman has shown. Thanks to massive improvements in communications and transportation, virtually any place on earth can be connected to markets anywhere else on earth and can become globally competitive.1 But at the same time that the world has become flatter, it has also become... Read more →

Learning with Lists

One of the more popular blog posting formats is the list post, probably most famously seen in the various memes that periodically go around, like the "8 Random Facts About Me" meme from a few months back. What I'm finding, though is that lists are really effective for learning, particularly when we use the "X Things I Learned from Doing X" format. This is a strategy you can use whether... Read more →

Guest Post and Podcast on PLEs for Blog Cascadia

On Friday, I had the fun of recording a podcast with Aaron Munter and Christine Martell for ASTD-Cascadia on personal learning environments. I also did a guest post for Blog Cascadia on how technology has transformed my professional development. If you're into learning, you should definitely subscribe to the BlogCascadia podcasts--they're always filled with interesting info. You might also want to check out their first webinar recorded last week on... Read more →

A New Mission for the Bamboo Project

I’ve been writing The Bamboo Project for almost a year and a half now. In the past few months I’ve been aware of a feeling that there is certain work I love to do and other work that interests me less. My recent posts on the social media helix have been helping me clarify a lot of my thoughts. My experiences last month with the Beyond the Glass Ceiling Career... Read more →

Venturing Outside of My Web 2.0 Bubble

In my earlier post on getting out of the blogging box I mentioned that I'd been doing some more research into my questions about how to leap the chasm between early adopters of social media tools and the rest of the world. What I've realized was that I've been living in World 2.0 and have forgotten what it's like for those who haven't yet made the leap. This has created... Read more →

Living in a Blogging Box and How to Get Out of It

Over at the Building a Better Blog community, Danielle B and Sue Waters have been talking in the forums about how easy it is to get yourself stuck in a blogging box, only reading those blogs that are related to your professional field or the topic you've chosen to blog about. This is a natural tendency I think because we generally blog about our passions and interests and we tend... Read more →

Blogging When You Hate to Read or Write

It occurs to me this morning that one of the reasons I love blogs and blogging is because I'm a reader and a writer. I can consume vast quantities of information quickly because I've learned how to scan and dip in and out of posts. And I love maintaining my own blog because for me, writing is often the best way to process what I'm learning. I would venture to... Read more →