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Jobs of the Future--Or Maybe For Today

Moocardds_3 Here's an interesting post from Ray Jimenez on the types of jobs he can see emerging as organizations begin to make greater use of Web 2.0 tools. At a minimum, these seem like functions that should be incorporated into someone's job description.

Some of the standouts for me included:

  • PLE Assistants - Personal Learning Environments (PLE) - Downes, Sims and Kareer talk about the need of the connected learners to learn to work with the technologies to advance personal learning - easily said, but difficult for some to execute. The assistants coach learners on the possible choices and options on PLE decisions.
  • Social Media Specialist - converts content into short, enticing, provocative, rapid, instant media with the likes of YouTube, e.g. CommonCrafts presentation and Institute of Social Research. (multimedia developers, audio and video developers, graphics and concept developers).
  • Online Coach – uses video and audio conferencing, Instant Messaging, Twitter, tracking to support coaching roles. Learning coaches can help their clients by using Web 2.0 tools to continue communications and support. Twitter for example, helps in sharing small updates by using cell phones or PDAs.
  • Social Network Catalyst – promotes, educates, processes, and nurtures the growth of networks - if you are one of those people that are adept or have the passion to help others improve relationships with Web 2.0 relations, you can be a catalyst. Catalysts grow, nurture, support and cajole networks to yield productive values.
  • Social Network Analyst – is involved in metrics and research on performance of networks, learning and performance, using Web 2.0 to communicate the strengths and weaknesses of social networks and provide solutions. See Raytheon Professional Services.

Anybody seeing any of these jobs in their organizations? Is anyone thinking deliberately about building toward these kinds of functions or if they exist do they tend to evolve by accident? Do you see them as necessary?

UPDATE--In comments Marianne points us to a post she did on "personal information trainers" in libraries. Sounds like one to add to the list--or maybe it's a combo type position.

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I'm currently doing a mix of these jobs for one of my clients :-)

Actually, after I posted this it occurred to me that this is ripe territory for freelance work, as many organizations may need the skills and functions, but not on a FT and/or permanent basis. Of course, I particularly liked the idea of a PLE Assistant. :-)

I was also thinking about this role today, and blogged about the term "Personal Information Trainer" from the Special Libraries Association.

Hi Marianne--I'm going to add your post as an example. Thanks for the heads up!

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