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Now Beth Kanter's Kids are Looking for Your Support to Win America's Giving Challenge!

Help Beth Kanter Win America's Giving Challenge and Help The Sharing Foundation!

Anyone who's a regular reader of The Bamboo Project knows how much I respect Beth Kanter and the work she does. So when she asked me yesterday to join her in raising money for her favorite cause, the Sharing Foundation, I was thrilled to rise to the challenge. Last year Beth raised almost $50,000 for the Sharing Foundation netting her a matching $50,000 as the winner of the Network for Good/Yahoo competition, so she's no slouch in the fundraising department. Even more amazingly, she's been doing this mostly by working the Web!

This time Beth's's participating in America's Giving Challenge where her goals are to:

". . . raise money for the Sharing Foundation, share stories about the Sharing Foundation and its supporters, and share what I'm learning about using social networks to raise money as an extra organizational activist on my blog over the course of the 50-day giving challenge."

The top 8 individuals with the most unique donors for their cause will win $50,000 EACH, while 100 charities will be awarded $1,000 based on the number of donations they receive through the Challenge. The minimum donation of $10 can buy a young Cambodian student a school uniform (so he/she can go to school) and a month's worth of English lessons in the Sharing Foundation's ESL program.

Here's where you come in. Beth has put together a wiki on the cause that you can find here. She lists several ways for you to get involved and there are a few I want to emphasize in particular:

  • If you're a blogger, please volunteer to write a blog post (or several!) sometime between now and January 31, 2008. Sign-ups are here.
  • Cut and paste the widget above into your blog sidebar so that we can spread the word to your readers as well. Feel free to email to friends and family, too.
  • January 11 is Beth's birthday--how about making a donation that day as a little present to her, especially if you've benefited from her incredible generosity and knowledge! Of course, feel free to donate any other day, too. :-)

This is an awesome effort that is worth it on so many levels. Please consider joining us and helping out. And be sure to keep reading Beth's series on her experience. It's a great way to learn from her online fundraising activities about what does/doesn't work.


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Thanks Michele for setting up a widget! We shall see where this experiment leads ...

I am also hoping that people will join the Facebook Cause too

My kids even made a recruitment video

I love coming here to see the number of gifts go up ... thank you again.

I'm back again .. whoopee .. number is up to 23. It's slow, but a number of bloggers have posted about it. I'm going to Lowell, MA to day - where there is a large Cambodian population -- need a haircut. I'm going to interview my hairdresser about why this is so important .. hope she agrees.

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