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This is very cool. I just recorded this podcast from my cell phone. (It's just a test--not exciting) This is from   Gcast, which bills itself as podcasting so easy "your grandma could do it." Assuming your grandma can use a cell phone, of course.

It really was easy though:

  1. Created my account, which includes adding my cell phone number and a pin number.
  2. Called the G-cast number.
  3. Easy instructions walked me through recording my podcast. I was able to listen to it and then decide to upload or delete.
  4. When I was ready to upload, I just hit the # key.
  5. Within a few minutes, my  podcast showed up at my Gcast podcast home.

The process for putting on my blog was easy too and included letting me pick the color of the player. Then I just had to cut and paste the code. You also have the option of hosting audio from your computer at the site.

This could be very cool for doing podcasting from the road or anywhere else. I may have to try this out at the conference. 

Thanks to Wes Fryer who liveblogged this at a conference session he's attending.

OK--gotta pack up the computer and get out of here.


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Wow! That is cool!

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