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Want to Go Viral with Your Videos? Check Out this Report

Via Mashable, comes this report from Tube Mogul, Web Video Marketing--Best Practices.

Some key take-aways:

The "Secret Formula"
They've devised a "secret formula" for developing an online video:

"Secret Formula"  - .5C + 15.M + .20T + .15P = Success

50% C = Content and Production - this is storyline, style lightning,  production, etc.
  15% M = Metadata - the text title, keywords, descriptions,  and categories that help people find your video
  20% T = Thumbnail - the packaging which draws people in when  displayed on the page
  15% P = promotion - just good old fashioned marketing

In other words, about half of what goes into creating a successful video is making sure you have great content that's well-produced. The other 50% comes down to your packaging and marketing of the video and the strategies you use to help people find it.

Apparently these are the things that "sell":

  • Humor
  • Avant-garde videos
  • Talent
  • Celebrities
  • Kitsch:
    • Special effects - the Ray Ban sunglass catching video is a great example.  In general, any video that generates debate generates viewers
    • Animal/pet tricks - man is drawn to animals just as he is to fireā€¦ it's hard to explain, but it seems to have to do with primitive wiring in the brain
    • Cute kids - one of the draws of online video is that real people capture real moments, and nothing is as straightforward as a child just being herself
    • Repetitive, catchy music - certainly not a new concept, but with infinite channels come many more opportunities to put up the experimental jingle
    • Physical injury - thank goodness it's not me!
    • Pranks - thank goodness it's not me!
    • Spoofs - ride the coattails of the tried and true
    • And of course, sex always sells

Lots more info where that came from. When you read the report, be sure to check out the chart on different video-sharing services, particularly the demographics column. 


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