Let's Get Naked
Free Burma


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Hi Michele, I am sorely tempted to send you seven separate emails immediately because that is NOT how an inbox is supposed to look. Luck for you, I'm busy.

How did you do that post, btw? Is it a screen shot?

Oh my god, that's a beautiful sight! I once asked a client if she'd be willing to select all and press delete on her entire in box, sent box, and trash.

You may think that's a dangerous thing to do, but she had 1600 emails in her in box, about twice that in her sent emails, and a never-dumped trash.

She did it and never looked back.

Love this.

Inbox Zero. Wow. You are my hero!

Also, good job on the tempting headline. In light of our BBB discussion on headlines, I would say your last three have been right on target!


So where's the bamboo? You have nice picture of bamboo on the header, but was hoping for come chat about bamboo. Oh well, looks like a informative blog...may stay for awhile and read.

What I like the most is that it is begging you to try out Google Reader!!!! Thanks for the great ad for GR!!!!!! I believe another point to GR.


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