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Helping Media Snackers: I've Been Tagged

Snack_shop Ahh, it's meme time again. This is good, as I needed something to write about today.

Beth Kanter has tagged me this time, asking about how I do and don't respect the time of "media snackers," folks who like their news and information in snack-sized portions, rather than getting them in a full meal. It's a meme started by Jeremiah Owyang, who points out that busy business people like to snack as much as the youth highlighted in this video by the crew who've coined the term. I'd agree with that one.

This is a bit of a challenge, because reality is, I'm probably not the greatest blog for snackers. But let me see what I can come up with in the "doing well" category.

How I Respect Media Snackers

  • I use bullets, bolding and italics to draw people's attention to key information in a post so that they don't have to wade through all my verbiage.
  • I've been trying to mix it up with some shorter posts, rather than having everything I write become a tome.
  • I've been posting about once a day--sometimes more often when I have something else to say, sometimes less often when I'm crazy busy. That once a day thing seems to work for the post part.

Things I Could Do Better

  • My posts can still be wordy in an unnecessary way. I need to get better with the editing.
  • For awhile, I was using my Tumblr microblog to post snippets of information, but have gotten out of the habit with that. Maybe it's time to revive the practice.
  • Along the same lines, I've been trying to get into Twittering, although I'll be honest--I still haven't picked up on the addiction as some people have.
  • Might be good if I thought about doing a "Media Snackers" version of longer posts--maybe starting with an "executive summary" of sorts or maybe doing some kind of "once-a-week" round-up or something.

My Overall Grade
I'd give myself a pretty poor overall score for "snackability." But honestly, I think I'm OK with that. I think that there's a place for snacking and a place for meals. Sometimes I like to have a quick bite, but usually I like to savor something more substantial and I suspect I tend to attract readers who are looking for a meal and not a snack. Frankly, I think that we still need to make room in our lives for the longer, more reflective posts and not expect that everything will come to us in bite-size portions.

I'm Tagging. . .

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Eric Skiff at Podcamp turned me onto tumblr and I am thinking of doing it too ..


I hope you'll track back to me in this post -- I really enjoyed your insights here.

Argh! I've been tagged!

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