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Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants--Blog Action Day Round-Up

Npcarnival_2 Monday was Blog Action Day when over 20,000 bloggers world-wide wrote 23,000 blog posts on a single topic--the environment. Since it was my turn to host the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, I asked our participants to write an Action Day post and then I'd do a round-up for the Carnival. Unfortunately that wasn't quite as inspiring a topic as I'd hoped, so not a lot of posts this week. Here they are:

UPDATE--My fault here. Apparently there were a few Blog Action Day submissions that came in that went into the Spam folder of the Carnival account. I didn't check there and so missed them. Here they are:

You can read a wrap-up on Blog Action Day here.

Nedra Weinreich of Spare Change hosts next week's Carnival. You can also sign up for the Carnival feed here.


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