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Want to Be a Virtual Volunteer for a Social Entrepreneurship Project?

Social_network I'm going to try to harness the power of social networking again, so here goes.

For one of my clients, I'm currently facilitating a social entrepreneurship project with a class of high school seniors (17-18 year olds). They are forming teams and coming up with a plan to launch a socially-conscious business project. Ultimately they will be presenting their projects to a team of local business and community leaders.

As part of the class, we have set up a Ning community where they will be interacting, sharing their project information, etc. I would like for them to receive input and feedback from a broader community than just the local area as I think that will only add to their ability to create great final projects. I think they could also benefit from some exposure to the world beyond their County.

So here's my request--tearing a page from the Vicki Davis book, I'm asking for virtual volunteers. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy participating in, please send me an email indicating your interest and if you blog, a link to your blog. I will then coordinate with you on joining the community. You can contribute as much or as little as you'd like and you will be able to do so in your own time frame. If you've never used Ning before, it will also give you a chance to see how it works, which might give you some ideas for using it for your own programs or organization. AND you can  see how I try to build a plane while I'm flying it. If nothing else, that should be a great incentive!

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Uh, Michele, do you own stock in NING? Be honest now....

Of course, I'd love to help out. Feel free to let me know what I can do. I do have a business background from the telecommunications industry. Just shoot me an e-mail at coolcatteacher at gmail.com.

Best wishes -- I sent you through my bookmarks!

You're awesome, Vicki--thank you! And Robin, I know it's starting to look bad, but seriously I do NOT own Ning stock. :-)

Hey I twittered it, maybe some more will come on.

Hi Michelle, Sounds interesting. I'd like to know more and depending on how I can fit it in with other stuff I'm doing I'd love to be part of it.
Chris B

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