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Nptech Link Love

A few good nonprofit tech pieces in my feed reader from the past week.

Read/Write Web
It was nonprofit week over at Read/Write Web and they had some great posts. Two of my favorites:

  • Nonprofits' Web Tool Kit--a nice round-up of various nptech resources, from tools to build a website to the ever-popular fund-raising options.
  • Notes from the Real World--From one of my favorite nptech bloggers, Beth Kanter, a post on how she sees Web 2.0 working in nonprofits, including some great stuff from her recent visit to Cambodia.

Uncharted Technologies for Nonprofits: Part I
Another one of my favorite nptech bloggers, Allen Benamer, has a fascinating post on some Amazon options and other technologies that nonprofits might want to explore. He's moving into some really different waters with these ideas, but I like how he's thinking. Moving in these directions would require some significant operational paradigm shifts though, so go in with an open mind.

Wild Apricot
Two good ones from Soha El-Borno:


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