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Create a Cool Photo Collage for Your Website, Blog, Newsletter, Flickr Album and Just About Anything Else



Looking for a way to do something different with photos for your newsletter, blog or other on and off-line publications? Robin Reagler shared this cool little tool with me--the Hockneyizer.

Upload a digital photo and it will create a collage for you. You can use the Polaroid version (what I have here) or one with no frames. You can also change background colors and the number of individual images you want to create. If you don't like the collage you get, just click on the shuffle button and it will give you another version. Then you can edit the image, save to your hard drive, upload to Flickr or email the image. Pretty cool. This is a picture from my wedding a few years ago, which seemed appropriate, since my anniversary is coming up soon. 


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What a beautiful photo!!! I bookmarked Hockneyizer as soon as I read about over at Robin's place. Can;t wait to try it out!

Thanks, Danielle--it will definitely be a great tool for you with all of your photography!

Happy Almost-Anniversary!

Thanks, Robin!

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