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Open Call For Your Blogging Mistakes

Regret_2 I'd like to do a series on blogging mistakes, but I need your help. As I mentioned yesterday in my post on your audience when you first start blogging, I think a lot of would-be bloggers never start because they're afraid that they'll screw up. I'd like to help ease those fears by pulling together a collection of blogging mistakes so that we can all learn from each other and share our strategies for recovering from missteps.

So here's the deal. If you've ever made a mistake on your blog, I'd like to know about it. Drop me an email with the story of the mistake that you made, how you handled it and what happened as a result. Any details you want to share on what you'd do differently, how you felt about the whole thing, etc., I'd love to hear those, too.  Ideally I'd like a link to the post(s) involved and your permission to share them, but if you're uncomfortable with that, just let me know. I won't share names or any other information about your identity if you don't want me to.

What kinds of mistakes am I interested in? All kinds--big and small. Errors of fact and times when you wrote a post that you later regretted.  Anything that you consider to have been a screw-up, I'm interested. I'm also asking you to share this with other bloggers you may know to see if they have stories they'd be willing to tell. The more stories I can get, the better.

I think that one of the beauties of blogs is their potential for learning. Mistakes are part of that process and I think we should celebrate and learn from where we go wrong, rather than worrying about being perfect. So in the spirit of learning, hit me with your best screw-ups. I'm all ears.


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Hi Michele
now this IS interesting! Wot, none of us made mistakes? Or don't we want to admit to it?

OK, I'll fess up ... not so much a mistake as process-learning (how's that for a euphemism).

I tend sometimes to blog quickly, impulsively when I'm either pressed for time or on a roll about something. I've found the old adage of measuring twice and cutting once applies to me. Many times I hit the post button and have to go back and edit when I catch a mistake. So for me, mistakes (there I've said it) have related to failing to check copy. Has this led to any disasters or red faces? No, but it could have, and as I disclaim my affiliation as an academic, well ...

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