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Great Beginner's Guide to RSS

Rss Via Darren Rowse, a really nice Beginner's Guide to RSS. You may want to add this link to your site RSS guide and/or use it to explain to RSS newbies how the whole thing works. It includes the Common Craft RSS in Plain English video, one of the best explanations I've seen, plus some other videos on how to use RSS, links to various readers, etc. Good stuff.


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what a great site! I will have lots of reading to here! thanks!

Great! Glad it helps!

Thanks for sharing this tip Michele. I was under the impression that most people have knowledge of RSS. Since Darren himself has suggested this link, I think I should also tell my visitor about RSS. For all those who are interested I would like to suggest another superb tutorial on RSS written by one of the most famous and genuine guru of Internet Marketing: Ken Evoy. In fact I myself learned about RSS by reading this extremely simple tutorial. Here is the link :

Thanks for the site, Eklavya--looks like another great resource!

I do think that a lot of people don't know what RSS is or how to use it. I know more people who have heard of a blog than who have heard of RSS, so that's why I decided to put a guide on my site.

Thanks Michelle for writing about my rss resource.

My aim is to get as much info out to the general population about rss - cause we all in the blogging and web 2.0 world know all about rss and its benefits. :-)

You'd be surprised by how many people don't know much about rss so why not educate a potential reader of your blog who's less that savvy about rss - might turn them into a loyal reader. :-)

We definitely need to be RSS evangelists, Martin--that's why I added info on RSS to my blog, including a link to your great site. Thanks for making the resource available!

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