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An Introduction to Netvibes: Alex Miller's Screencast

If you've been around the Bamboo Project for long, you know that I'm a BIG fan of Netvibes. It's the backbone of my personal learning environment and I also see a lot of other uses for it, both personally and professionally. It's easy to use, has a great interface, and is much more than simply an RSS feed reader.

But reading about it is never as good as seeing it. Which is why I'm happy to share with you Alex Miller's quick screencast on Netvibes. It shows you the basics, including how easy it is to add a feed, the tabs feature of which I'm so fond, and how you can share tabs with others. She recorded it using Jing, which I've been hearing a lot about lately, but haven't had a chance to try. If you've been considering Netvibes at all, I highly encourage you to check out Alex's screencast. It's an excellent use of the next three minutes!


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Hi Michelle

LOL looks like I am going to have to post on the fact that I stand corrected and that NetVibes is good for reading blogs.

I am off now to watch Alex's video - plus ponder the difference between Jing and how I record videos.


Hi Sue--yes, I want to take a closer look at Jing, too. Looks interesting. And yes, I'm trying to get you to see the awesomeness that is Netvibes! :-)

Hi Michelle,

A series of random thought;

Thanks for linking to my blog. I love netvibes (now released for mobiles, esp. the iPhone, can't wait to get my hands on one of those!)

This jing/netvibes screencast has gone around so much now, I wish I had done it better. It wasn't planned or scripted, I think I'll do a series, of shorter simpler ones.

Anyway, every time I visit to your blog, I look at my bamboo floors and think how beautiful bamboo is (and how much I need to stop blogging and steam clean them!)

I really like what you're done with your sidebar. (This sounds quite funny, a 'nerdy' compliment as opposed to complimenting someone on their hair!) I love the "Best of" idea. I might use that soon, when I get a few more articles out of my 'drafts' section! LOL


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