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31 Days to a Better Blog--Days 12 & 13: Introduce Yourself to Another Blogger and Find An Affiliate Program

Buildingabetterblog2_2This is the day when I begin to wonder what I got myself into with this whole 31 Day Challenge thing. I'm beginning to feel absolutely obsessed by what I should write, what I should tweak, etc. to the point where I'm waking up thinking about my blog! And now with all my redesign futzing around, I'm two days behind on the challenge and have yet to decide what I'll write for next week. This isn't even a paying gig! However, let me soldier on. There's chocolate to be won.

Introduce Yourself to Another Blogger
For Day 12, my job was to introduce myself to another blogger. Great. I'm an introvert who's unlikely to reach out like that to other people. Comment on someone's blog, yes. But email them directly? That seems a little much for me. Then again, I know from my own experience of being on the receiving end of unsolicited emails from readers, it's nice to have someone tell you they like your blog, so why not? It's not like they're going to bite off my head! So off I went to email . . . Darren Rowse. I'm a new commenter so let's see if he responds.

UPDATE--Darren responded to me within an hour. So we're talking about someone who practices what he preaches. Thanks, Darren!

Join an Affiliate Program
Today's task was to join an affiliate program, but since I'm not interested in monetizing my blog, Darren suggested I choose something else. Hmm. . . since I've spent several hours moving sidebars and reorganizing content, plus I need to plan for my posts this week, I'm going to let that count for today's activity.

Thanks to Everyone, especially Laura, for the Great Feedback on the Site
Just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to leave such detailed comments on my site redo. I was shocked when I got home last night to find how many of you had left me meaty info to act on. Thanks for that. I especially want to thank Laura Whitehead who went above and beyond the call of duty by actually testing the two grays I'm now using and sending me the html code for them!

For now, I'm going to take a break from playing around with the design stuff. I already feel like I'm getting obsessed with all of this and that I need to get back to some of my usual posts.  Of course, if you feel so compelled, please feel free to share feedback on this next iteration. Once we're finished with the challenge, I'll take a look at it all again.


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A couple of months ago I wrote Darren as well. I was floored by how accessible is. Some of the "A-List" professional bloggers come across as rather egotistical, but Darren doesn't seem that way at all. He responded quickly and with a very thorough & thoughtful answer.

Yeah, Rob, I was really pleasantly surprised to get such a quick response. I'm glad to hear that it wasn't an anomaly either.

I really like the changes you've made (especially my suggestion about the photo! - haha). Anyway, looking good!

Thanks, Carter-Ann--See, I listen! :-)

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