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Web Literacy: How Good Are You at Recognizing Fake Web Sites and Email Scams?

In a public service to Bamboo Project readers, via Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, comes this 10-question McAfee quiz. Can you tell the fake websites from the real ones?  What about the scams?

Like Amit, I was a Tightrope Walker, scoring 7 out of 10, which according to McAfee suggests that I should be a little more careful in my web habits. This also means that I'm planning to download the free SiteAdvisor for Firefox to help me out in future.


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I got a 9 of 10; I missed the Chase site. Definitely a challenge, although it could have been harder if they used more sites with poor grammar. This is a good note to web designers to have someone proofread their pages for legitimate sites too, so people don't think a real site is a scam!

You're better than I am, Christy! :-) And great point on the proofreading. Grammar and spelling errors are definitely a red flag for me.

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