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Three More Reasons to Wiki

Pbwiki I've been using Wikispaces for a lot of my work, but I'm thinking I may need to switch over to PBWiki, especially after looking at some of these new features:

  • Now you can add a YackPack "walkie-talkie" module to any wiki page. This means you can talk to up to 20 people through your wiki, making collaboration much easier. Installation is simple--just insert a plug-in through the page. And there's no need to download or install any software on your computer. I could see a lot of applications for this in training, project management, etc. More information and an introductory video available here.
  • PBWiki has also partnered with Eventbrite to allow you to easily add an event planning module to your wiki. This is most appropriate for organizations that are selling tickets to an event, such as a fundraiser, etc. After your first event, Eventbrite comes at a price, but the maximum is $9.95 per event, so that's a pretty cheap way to be able to promote and sell your event through your wiki. More information on the PBWiki/Eventbrite partnership here. A tour of Eventbrite's services is here and pricing information is here.
  • I'm currently working with several high schools to implement eportfolios with their students and had been exploring different wiki services to use. Now that I see PBWiki has a portfolio feature, I think my decision has been made. We can have the kids use the wiki to maintain their working portfolios, which will include all of their information. When it's time to do a presentation portfolio, they'll be able to use the Portfolio feature to select the pages they want to include and PBWiki will create PDFs, slideshows, etc. for them to share their wikis. I definitely need to give that a spin, as I think it has a lot of possibilities.


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Great timing: I'm actually in the process of trying to decide which Wiki to start using, and I have recently been drifting towards pbWiki too. The YackPack is quite a cool addition too. Thanks for the pointers!

Glad it helped, Frank. I'm looking forward to trying out the YackPack feature. If you do it, let me know how it goes.

I use pbWiki for personal stuff and at work we use TWiki (which seems so cumbersome, but I'm sure it's just that it can do *way* more than I will ever understand). What I am looking for is a simple Wiki for a small business I'm helping out that has a calendaring system built into it. Do you know of something like that? It could be simple - like Yahoo calendar, but I want it *inside* the Wiki. Let me know if you know of anything!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Angela--I'm not sure if there are any wikis that specifically have a calendar function built in. I do know that you can embed other calendars (like Google calendar) into PBWiki and wikispaces, but I'm not sure that solves your issue.

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