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Serializing Your Content With FeedCycle

I was checking out the Open  Learn project this morning (a topic worthy of its own blog post) and came across their competition to remix/reuse their content, which led me to an interesting little tool--Feedcycle

Feedcycle enables you to publish serialized RSS feeds. In other words, subscribers can sign up to receive a series of blog posts, podcasts, videocasts, etc. automatically delivered daily. As subscribers sign up, they will be sent the first item in the series, then the next, etc. regardless of when they sign up for the service. Subscribers can use any of the most popular readers, including Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes, etc.

Feedcycle_image_3 As you can see from the example, your subscribers will get details on the length of the series and items to expect. They can also add to their preferred reader using a chicklet.

This is a great way to provide chunks of content that should be in some kind of linear format (for example staff training, blog series, etc,). It's also obviously a great way to tell a story. It works best for content that isn't "fresh"--that is information that would be valuable to offer in a serialized format on a permanent basis.

There's a free version that's pretty generous, as well as premium/paid versions. More on pricing and features here.

I haven't had a chance to give it a try yet, but this TechCrunch article is pretty positive about the service. I'll be off for the next several days, so I may use some of that time to think more about how to use this for some projects I'm working on and to do additional research on the tool. Mostly wanted to share because it looks like such a cool option.


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Thanks for this... I've been looking for a tool like this and I might give a whirl over the next month when I have some experiment time.

Thanks for this... I've been looking for a tool like this and I might give a whirl over the next month when I have some experiment time.

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