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How Much Hidden Talent is In Your Staff?

Paul Potts is a cell phone salesman in the UK. He's completely unassuming--bad teeth, a little overweight, not much of a dresser. The last person you'd imagine taking the stage as a serious contestant on Britain's Got Talent, the UK version of American Idol. But beneath that quiet exterior is a most amazing voice. It literally gave me chills to listen to him. And it made me wonder how much hidden talent is around us? How many people do we see on a daily basis--co-workers, supervisors, teammates--with hidden strengths we never see? How many people do we judge based on how they look or on our own preconceptions of what they should be doing? How many great talents do we miss in the process?

Here's the challenge for today. Try to find a Paul Potts in your organization. And then do something to nurture that talent.


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Re: "How many people do we judge based on how they look or on our own preconceptions of what they should be doing?"... so true. And because of that how many people don't do what they love? Thanks for sharing that. I had tears in my eyes.

WOW! I'm very much not into these types of prgrams (or opera for that matter), but this guy is totally amazing! Sincere, passionate and a great voice! I so hope he achieves his dreams.

Thanks for sharing this gem.

Wasn't this wonderful? Paul won the competition, I think partly because other people were really inspired by his story. I love when we get it right as human beings.

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