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Can't Talk Right Now. I'm Blogging

Tony Karrer has been talking about why you need to blog. I've tried to encourage it too.  Now Penelope Trunk says it's the best thing you can do for your career.

One of the best ways to make a big leap in your career is to blog. Blogging allows you to create a high-quality network for yourself based, not on the old model of passing out business cards, but on a new model of passing out ideas.

Don't believe it? Says Penelope:

Minh Luong wanted a career in food writing, but found breaking into the industry was very tough. Instead of waiting to find an offline connection and nurture it and wait for the right opportunity and then make her move, Luong opted for taking more direct initiative to create the life she wants: She started blogging.

Almost immediately, her blog, Minnie Eat World, became a local Boston favorite, and the credibility she gained by blogging led to offline offers for work she would not have had access to had she not built a quick network for herself via blogging. The blog has replaced not only paying one’s dues, but also the network that comes from that.

Will you do it now?  Penelope has some good ideas for making it doable, including participating in group blogs. Come on. Give it a try.


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