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I don't know Caroline, but I wish she worked for me. She's a great example of a lifelong learner. Apparently she just attended the Computers in Libraries Conference and returned home to blog about three categories that I think are pretty cool:

  • "Possible projects inspired by the conference." Like all good learners, she's already moving into application thinking about how she can apply what she learned. And I love that it was her FIRST category--proves how inspiring she found the workshops.
  • "Presentations that were particularly inspiring" She writes about who she liked and what she liked about their presentations. And since she's blogging, she's able to share links so that the rest of us can see who excited her and why.
  • "Cool stuff I hadn't heard of before or had forgotten about." I love that Caroline includes stuff she'd forgotten about in this category. How many times do we attend a workshop and say "duh--I totally forgot about that cool thing and I want to remember it"?

To me, this is a really great example of reflection on learning. I love the bloggers who live-blog an event or come back and share what they heard with their readers, but this is often in the spirit of reporting on what happened, as opposed to reflecting on what was learned. Nothing wrong with that. I appreciate it. But even more I love to see people reflecting on a big learning event like a conference. Makes it all worthwhile. It would be great if everyone did this. Imagine the bang for your buck that would come from that.


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You are absolutely correct about Caroline's awesomeness! I *do* know her, (she's a coworker of mine) and her enthusiasm and ideas are truly inspiring. She was actually updating the blog during the conference and it was terrific to be able to follow her progress and see how excited she was about all she was learning.

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