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Step Right Up--The Social Media Wiki Carnival Has Begun!

Ferris_wheel_4Well gang, as promised, the Social Media Wiki Carnival has opened for business. We can't promise cotton candy or a ride on the ferris wheel, but we can promise some good information!

So what is the Social Media Wiki Carnival? Well, it's something that  David Wilcox and I hatched at Beth Kanter's suggestion. From now through Sunday, David and I are asking for your help in building our wikis--SocialMedia A-Z and Web 2.0 Best Practices in Nonprofits. Our goals are to gather as many tools and resources as we can and to further build the community around using social media tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasting, etc. in nonprofit organizations.

To participate, here's what you do:

  • Send links to David or me of any of your blog items that you believe should be linked in the wiki. Even better write a new item!
  • Send us a video or podcast or link related to using Web 2.0/social media tools that might be helpful. We're particularly interested in real-world examples, case studies, etc.
  • Let us know what tags you use ... maybe socialmedia, collaboration ... then we can look for stuff you have bookmarked
  • Recommend other blogs, books, articles that you think will be useful.
  • Send us questions you'd like answered or ideas you have for resources that would be helpful to you in using social media with nonprofits.

You can either e-mail your ideas to us or you can post them directly into our wikis. The page for posting in my wiki is here and David's is here (note that he suggests adding items in the "Discussion" area of the wiki).

At the end of the first round of the carnival, David and I will go through what we've received and put it in some kind of order. We'll post summaries to our blogs as well as putting the info into our wikis. We hope in this process to also identify gaps in our information that people would like filled. In that case, we may run another round or two of the carnival later in the spring to fill those gaps.

We're excited about the Wiki Carnival and hope that you'll join in! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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