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Tumblrlogo Via Webware, I found a pretty cool microblogging service called tumblr. that could get more nonprofit staff blogging. Type in your email address and a password, select a name for your "tumblelog" and within seconds your blog is set up.

Tumblr allows you to enter six types of media--word posts, photos, videos, quotes, URLs, and IM conversations, each with its own posting style. You can also add a bookmarklet to your browser toolbar that lets you blog content as you're surfing the web. As you find new content and want to share it, you click on the bookmarklet and a new window will open up with the content already in place. Make any edits you want and then post. It's done immediately. You can also create an RSS feed to automatically post content on your tumblelog that you've created elsewhere, such as video, entries from other blogs you maintain, etc.

What's attractive about the service, I think, is how easy it is to use, especially with the bookmarklet option, and how fast it updates. I could see it being really valuable as a sort of quick personal learning log. I  also think it could be a  nice "down and dirty" knowledge management tool for an organization, with all staff getting their own accounts and then adding content to their blogs as they find it. All staff blogs could then be aggregated into a wiki or organizational web site. Lots of other uses, I'm sure. Take a look at mine and then try it out.


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