The Definitive NPTech Search Engine
OK, One More Time on the "Definitive" NPTech Search Engine

Update on the "Definitive" NP Tech Search Engine

Someday I'll learn to not be so quick on the posting button . . .

OK, so Swicki is only partially cutting it for me. It isn't just looking in the sites I want it to and I don't have time to "train it," so back to the drawing board to see if there's another solution. . . I know I've seen something else that I thought would work, so now I just have to find it. . .

Consider that you're joining me on a learning journey here.


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Dear Michele,

Ten stars in your crown! It's going to take some work, but let's keep moving forward with our dream of total interoperability and forms of knowledge management that will serve the needs of overworked, distraught, technophobic social workers!

Best regards from Deborah

Deborah Elizabeth Finn
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"What is good...but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your god?" (Micah 6:8)

Thanks for feedback, Deborah--and for the inspiration to play around. We definitely need to keep figuring out how we can continue to better manage the knowledge that keeps coming our way!

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