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Glossary Earlier I mentioned my call with David Wilcox. The main reason we connected was to discuss how we could possibly create some synergies between the wikis that he and I are developing.

David's wiki is SocialMedia where he's collecting all manner of resources and learnings on social media and social networking in organizations. Among other things (that I'll get back to you in a minute), the site includes a great social media presentation that David and Beth Kanter made last month, along with an interactive game that they used with their participants.

My wiki is the Best Practices in Web 2.0 for Nonprofits wiki where I'm attempting to pull together a sort of "Social Media 2.0 for Nonprofit Dummies" (don't take that personally--I mean for non-techs). Because my background is as more of a practitioner rather than a tech person, I thought it would be helpful to have a place where I could pull together resources and examples for nonprofit practitioners who are not technical.

Anyway, back to David's site where one of the very useful tools he's included is a glossary of social media terms. As he writes on his blog today, he wants to both share with the larger community, as well as to get help in fleshing it out. It's a great tool for use with clients, I think, going a long way toward de-mystifying some of the terminology. So check it out and give David your feedback. And if you have any good resources you want to share for either site, let us know so we can include them.


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That's great idea! keep up the great work.

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