Update on the "Definitive" NP Tech Search Engine
More on Rollyo and Creating Your Own Search Engine

OK, One More Time on the "Definitive" NPTech Search Engine

Rollyo_2 OK, so about an hour ago I tried to create a customized search engine for Deborah because I'm nice like that. I got close to what I wanted and got all excited so I posted prematurely. Unfortunately with a little more playing around, Swicki just wasn't doing it for me, so I needed another option. I think I found it.  Rollyo.

I knew I'd seen another tool somewhere, but just couldn't remember where. Finally I (re)discovered Rollyo and rolled up my own search engine that only searches the sites on Deborah's wish list. And the results seem better, too. With the results I got back using Swicki it would only give me the first page of results from the TechSoup TechFinder, rather than digging in more deeply. With Rollyo, it looks like I'm getting it all. It's also searching only the sites I selected, not the entire web, which is what I wanted.

So if you're so inclined, give this search engine a try. You can also find it in the left sidebar and on the Web 2.0 in Nonprofits Wiki. Let me know what you think. And remember, people, it's a learning process. . .


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