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Mojiti--Tool for Annotating Videos

Mojiti_log Although I haven't had a chance to play with this yet (add it to my long list of things to do), Mojiti looks like a cool little tool. Basically it gives users the power to annotate video from just about any of the countless video sharing sites on the Web.

Probably the best way to understand what it can do is to watch their demo. If it's as easy as it appears, this could actually be a great way to create video training courses, either for staff or for clients. I could see, for example, taping a mock interview between a case manager and client. Then you could use Mojiti to annotate the video, pointing out where the case manager did something well or not so well, indicating how a facial expression may be communicating the wrong message to a client, etc. Then post this in a wiki as part of an online training.

If you wanted to get really sophisticated, it could potentially be a great coaching tool, too. Staff or clients create a video of themselves doing something and then the coach would annotate using Mojiti, providing customized feedback and a permanent record for the staff person or client to refer to for information and support. Now I just have to play with it to see how easy it really is . . .


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yes, this is a great tool! you should also check out bubbleply, which in some cases is much better and easier to use, but both are good to have :)

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