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Org 2.0 Revisited

Org 2.0--What Every Smart Nonprofit Needs to Know from Seth Godin

Via Seth, NPower New York and Squidoo, a FABULOUS one page cheat sheet describing "six cool (free) things you can do by the end of the day" to explore Web 2.0 tools and "Org 2.0." It's an easy-to-read PDF file that you can use to start experimenting with the new breed of Internet tools.

Go get it. Right now. I'm not kidding. It's a must have. Use it to explain new technology to someone who doesn't get it. Or get six people in your organization to try one of these things and then report back to the rest of the group. Or you do one of these each day for the next six days. It's a great way to experiment.


UPDATE: Beth has some good suggestions to go with the cheat sheet that you should check out, too.



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I wonder if they are following their own advice (point #4)!

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