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Voice_in_logo We've been talking here lately about helping nonprofits to see the value in blogs. Fortunately, CK has come to the rescue with the results of her recent reader poll asking "What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging?"

This fabulous collage is a montage of the answers she received. (You can get a PDF of her full report here.) Very visual and striking--captures a lot of key points in just a few words. Seems like a great piece to share the next time you're trying to convince someone of the value of blogging.

QUESTION--Beth asks in comments what value I find in blogging. She values the fact that it forces her to write and reflect on a regular basis. I like that I'm always learning. What do you value? Let us know in comments.


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Michelle: This is a great resource. Thanks for shairng it. I love visual reports.

My greatest value is that it forces to write regularly - and reflect on what I'm learning.

What's the value for you?

Good question--I think it's that I'm always learning, always looking for new ideas and connections.

You should join the NTEN nonprofit Affinity Group - there's a discussion on this topic going on right now. I bet you'd have a lot to day about that. It's an email list and it is free.

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