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Most nonprofits are all about forms. It seems that in order to get just about anything done, there's a form that needs to be completed, especially if your nonprofit does business with government.  That's why I was excited to find JotForm, the nonprogrammer's answer to easily getting a form into your website.

To create the form below I:

  1. Started with the sample form on the main page.
  2. Deleted fields I didn't want by simply clicking on the "x" next to the field.
  3. Added the e-mail field by dragging and dropping a text box into my form and then editing the box to say "E-mail Address."
  4. Made the e-mail address a required field by selecting it as  "required"  in the "Properties" box for the field.
  5. Added the check box field by dragging and dropping it into my form.
  6. Edited the check box field by clicking into the box and typing in my questions.
  7. Saved the form into my JotForm folder.

Then I just had to look at the html source code and copy and paste it into this post. It really couldn't have been much easier.

JotForm is in beta now, so it's free. Later they'll be rolling out a paid version, although they'll continue to have access to a version that's free.

This is definitely a tool worth looking into. I intend to play around with it to see what I can do. I also want to test out the report interface, so do me a favor and use the form to send me a comment and your vote on what you think of the idea.  I'll keep you posted on my experiments with it.

UPDATE--After adding the form to our site, I practiced submitting the form and then using the report function to see how that worked. I'm able to get a web version or an Excel spreadsheet of the report. I can select the time frame of responses I want to see, as well as the fields I want in my report. I was able to immediately get the report showing my response.  Really very cool.


This tool seems really cool.          


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