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I love Typepad--we created this blog using Typepad and compared to Blogger, I think it has an incredibly easy-to-use interface and great opportunities to create a look.

Vox_logo Now the gang at Six Apart has created a new blogging tool, Vox, which just came out of beta. I have to say that for the "personal blogger" it's probably even easier and more fun to use than Typepad.  They've integrated Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube and Amazon so you can pull content over directly from sites you already use with just a click of a mouse. They have a ton of attractive templates to use and the instructions for posting, designing, etc. are integrated directly into my template, rather than me needing to go to different pages as I have to in Typepad.

I don't necessarily see this as being the best blogging software for a non-profit's main blog, although it could work for some. I see this more as a tool for those nonprofits that work with customers who need a form of expression. For example, I have a friend who runs a domestic violence shelter. This would be the perfect tool for her clients and their children to use to create a space for sharing essays, poetry, pictures, etc. to express what they're working through. Or for programs that work with teens, this could be an easy tool for them to use to create their own personal blogs.

One feature I really like--n addition to the templates, ease of use and usual features like tagging-- is that you can easily send invitations to friends, family, etc. for them to join Vox and to visit your blog. With that feature, I can also add them to the "Friends" or "Family" section of m blog. So if I added three friends and they each started a blog, then in the "Friends" section of my blog, I would then be able to keep track of what was going on in their blogs, too. A great way to create community.

You can also find someone on Vox by just entering their name. Of course, if they didn't use their "real" name, then you need to know the nickname they're using. But still a way to see who else might be "in your neighborhood."

I started my own blog there, just a simple page right now to see how some features work. You can see what I came up with here.  (I would appreciate only kind words on the photos, please!). You can also take a tour of Vox here .


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I started a blog over there during the beta. I found some annoying stuff with it, but mostly was checking out it to see if less technologically savvy folks could master it quickly. What do you think?

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