Are You Ready to Work for Yourself?

The Bucks County Workforce Development Board is partnering with The Bamboo Project, Inc. to help you start your own business!

Our Fall class is closed, but if you're interested in the Winter session that runs from January 6-March 23, 2016 complete the form below and we'll notify you when we're accepting new applications. 


What is the Speedy Startup?

The Speedy Startup is a 12-week program designed to take your business from idea to implementation.

Through the innovative Speedy Startup process, you will:

  • Identify a core business idea you want to launch.
  • Explore various strategies and business models for making your idea a reality.
  • Test the viability of your product or service by connecting with real potential customers.
  • Develop the marketing tools you need for your business, including a website, social media channels, etc. 
  • Launch your product or service by the end of the 12 weeks!

The Speedy Startup program is not about writing up a business plan. It's all about ACTION--getting your idea into the world, minimizing startup costs and maximizing your revenue. 


Click here to learn more about the Speedy Startup process


Who Is Eligible to Participate? 

To participate in this session of the Speedy Startup, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A resident of Bucks County, PA
  • Unemployed or have received a notice of lay-off

If you don't meet these requirements, but are still interested in the Speedy Startup, sign up here to be notified when we offer new courses.