The Courageous Leadership Cafe Series

Join us this summer to explore what it means to be a courageous leader and how we can create the space for leadership to emerge through acts of hosting and sharing our failures. 

We will be hosting 3 Leadership Cafes, 3.5-hour gatherings where we will dig deeply into leadership topics we don't normally have the time to explore. 

For each date, we will have a morning session from 8:30-12 noon and an afternoon session, from 1-4:30 p.m.

You can sign up to attend 1, 2 or all 3 Cafes. 

The Lab is not about the role you may currently play in your organization. You do not have to be a manager or supervisor or in a formal leadership role to participate. People in every role and at every level of an organization are leaders and all are invited!

The Lab is for people who want to explore new ways of leading in the world and who want to develop their own personal capacity to lead in their lives, their careers and their communities. 


About the Courageous Leadership Cafe Series

Each cafe includes:

  • An opportunity to connect with the other participants and to learn about the Cafe topic via a 20-30 minute presentation that may include readings, video, etc. depending on the topic we are exploring. 
  • 3 rounds of conversation, primed with key questions about the topic and designed to get everyone in the room talking with everyone else.
  • large group debrief and next steps, followed by time for networking, announcements and resource sharing.
  • Access to follow-up readings, videos and other resources related to the Cafe topic so that you can continue your learning and application of the ideas. 

To maximize opportunities for connection and learning, each session is limited to 12 participants


June 6, 2016--A New Brand of Leadership: Moving from Leader-as-Hero to Leader-as-Host

In this session we'll explore our prevailing view of leadership, which emphasizes leaders-as-heroes, ready to save the day,  and what it means to shift from this idea of leadership into leader-as-host. We'll discuss how our organizations, programs, activities and professional development might need to change and the impact that moving into leader-as-host could have on our work.


July 14, 2016--Holding Space 

As a follow-up to our Leader-as-Host session in June, in this session we'll explore what it means to "hold space" for the people we are working with. We'll explore this article by Heather Plett and this one on holding space for ourselves first and then we'll discuss how we can apply these learnings to our work with each other and with the people we are serving. 


July 25, 2016--The Role of Failure in Leadership

As leaders, we can learn as much (if not more) from sharing our failures as we do from sharing our successes. If we are always successful at what we do, this suggests that we aren't taking enough risks, so in this session we will explore and celebrate risk-taking and failures and how we can create spaces that make it safer to be innovative



Innovative Solutions Collective
3026 E. Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134


Individual Cafe sessions are $$67.62/per session. 

You can sign up to attend two sessions for $123.99 or all 3 sessions for $170.12