Welcome to Consultative Selling to Businesses

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Sponsored by the PA Workforce Development Association, this 1-day workshop provided participants with a chance to take a deep dive into consultative selling, including how to:

  • Profile your ideal customers using the same tools businesses use to focus their efforts on the right people for what you're selling.
  • Identify the different phases of customer engagement so you can adjust your interactions and move customers more effectively through the different stages. 
  • Better prepare for your customer meetings so that you're more likely to get businesses to take action. 
  • Create and use Power Questions that help you  establish trust and rapport with your businesses and learn more about their pains and problems--a critical part of the consultative selling approach. 
  • Develop plans and proposals that respond to employer needs and make them more likely to work with you. 
  • Do more strategic, effective follow-up with businesses so that you keep them engaged as repeat customers--and even turn them into raging fans who will advocate for you with other businesses. 
  • Create relationships for the long-term that allow you to identify the evolving needs of your business customers and work with your workforce, educational and economic development partners to address these needs. 

Now that the training has ended, you can use this site to access all the workshop handouts, as well as additional resources and information that could be helpful in implementing the consultative selling process. 

Follow the links at the top of the site to access all the resources and information.