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How to Work On Your Career for 2, 5 or 15 Minutes a Day


Short on time but still want to do something that will help you in your career? Here are ideas for you to try that take only two, five or 15 minutes a day.

In 2 minutes you can. . . 

Do a Power Pose

Researcher Amy Cuddy has found that just 2 minutes of power posing per day can improve your performance in a job interview, meeting, etc. 



Do a 2-Minute Meditation

Meditation breaks can help you re-energize and re-focus. Try this one to get you started. 

Keep a One Sentence Journal

Do this at the end of your work day as a closing ritual. Write down one thing you learned, one significant experience you had that day or one big question that came up for you. 

Declutter your brain

Do a 2-minute, stream of consciousness free-write of everything that's on your mind. Then dump it in the trash. It can be a great way to declutter and get back on track. 


In 5 minutes you can . . . 

Send an "I appreciate you" Email

Thriving careers are built on relationships and nothing strengthens a relationship like showing someone you appreciate them. Take 5 minutes to send someone a quick email of thanks or appreciation.

It can be for something specific and in the moment ("Wanted to let you know how much I appreciated how you handled that meeting"). Or it can be more general ("I've been thinking about people who have really had an impact on my career and I wanted to thank you for how you've supported me over the years"). 

The email doesn't have to be long--just sincere and clear about what you appreciate about the person. 

Try this at the beginning or end of the day or when you are feeling particularly stressed. Appreciating someone in bad moments can remind you of the good things in your work life. 

Expand someone else's network

Another great way to build relationships is by connecting two people who don't know each other. Here's a nice article on how to do great email introductions. 

Keep track of and celebrate your small wins

Teresa Amabile has found that people who keep track of their progress by logging small wins feel more positive and empowered at work. Take 5 minutes to log your wins.  Here's a log that you can use. After you've done this for awhile, take a few minutes more to look back at your entries and see where small progress has become bigger. 


15 minutes

In 15 minutes you can . . . 

Reflect on these three questions

These are a good way to end the week. Try answering them on Friday before you leave or even first thing Saturday morning to think back through your week. 

Take an actionable, concrete step on a passion project

You know that passion project that's been hanging out in your brain? Do something to make it happen. Make a phone call, send an email, do some research, write something, draw something. People have written books in 15-minute increments. You can take 15 minutes to move your project forward. 

If you don't have a passion project, spend 15 minutes planning one. 

Help someone else move their passion project forward

So you don't have your own passion project going on? That's OK. Build your relationships by helping someone else. How can you take 15 minutes of your day to help someone else be successful in achieving their dream? 

Do an accountability call with a partner

Schedule 15 minutes a week--7.5 minutes per person--for you and a partner to talk about progress on your personal professional development goals. Say what happened, where you succeeded, where you were challenged and then what you will commit to for the following week. See how you can help each other move forward. 


The key to making progress in your career is small steps, taken daily. Try experimenting with some of these and see what happens. 


Career Clinic

What happens when you go for a promotion but don't get it? Join me for my first Career Clinic on Blab on November 2 at 7 p.m. (EST) when we'll be talking about how to move on when you're passed over. Check out the other upcoming Career Clinics and get info on how to participate through Blab here



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