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Great Article. I'm reading a number of books on design thinking in relation to elearning and instructional design as well as other areas. I didn't include that thinking in regards to career development (duh duh) I'm going to look into it

Love your posts.


Thanks, Mireille--I too had a "duh" moment about this--makes so much sense and the people I know who seem to be doing better in their careers have much more of this design approach. It will be interesting to play it out in these posts and to see people's responses. . .

Thank you Michelle for your blog entries and your work and insights around career resilience. The organisation I work for has recently undergone a restructure and I have become Assistant Manager and lead a small team of people. When I read your entry about the resource Design Thinking for Educators I found that I could use some of the ideas and apply them with our team. I also combined some Design Thinking ideas with Appreciative Inquiry to run our first planning day. It is early days yet but I am finding that I keep going back to this resource to help with the planning of the next stage of team development and strategic planning.

I notice that Mireille above mentioned that she is reading some design thinking resources. I would be interested in finding out the names of other resources around design thinking, particularly around building teams and strategic planning.

Once again, thanks for your work. I find it provides me with inspiration and ideas in a time where my work is uncertain and constantly changing.

Thanks for the great comment, Maryanne--I love to hear that what I write about here is helpful in such a deep way for others. And I LOVE that you're combining design thinking with Appreciative Inquiry, which is one of my favorite ways to work. I will share some other design thinking resources that I've used, although I will say that I haven't run across things that are specifically about using design thinking for team development and strategic planning. I find that I'm using what's out there adapted for my own uses. Keep me posted on how things go!

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