30 Juicy Questions to Grow Your Life in 2014--Day Twenty Eight
30 Juicy Questions to Grow Your Life in 2014--Day Thirty!

30 Juicy Questions to Grow Your Life in 2014--Day Twenty Nine

Each day in December, I'm asking a juicy question to help you plan for a healthy, resilient 2014. The questions are in no particular order--just meant to provoke some thinking and get you moving in fresh directions. You can see previous questions here


This question asks you to go out on a limb and to accept that big rewards in your life only come when you're willing to risk failure. 

We are often kept small because we want to stay in the comfort zone of perfectionism. We see failure as something to avoid, rather than as something embrace as part of the journey. 

As you think about your life in 2014, how can you invite in more opportunities to fail? And how can you change your relationship with "failure," so that it becomes a necessary by-product of risk-taking, rather than something to avoid at all costs? 

Of course, to fail more, you must also be willing to learn from your failures. This is part of the experimental approach to life where we try things out and learn from what happens as a result. Failure that we don't learn from isn't helpful. 

So, where in your life do you need to fail more? How can you make friends with failure and enjoy its rewards? 

As always, feel free to share your answers in comments or over on The Bamboo Project Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!

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Thanks for this 30-day session. I'm only on day six as I'm taking my time working through the reflections in my personal blog. As I glance at the one above, I tear up. I tend towards perfectionism, so it resonates. I'm counting the days to my retirement. I only decided this last October. I still have a bit over a year, but I'm blogging on it (3 subscribers--me, myself and I)and I have a countdown clock in it. As I have quite a bit of work still to do before retirement, I need to stay focused, and I need to give myself room to fail and learn as well as forgive myself for where I have recently failed. Woohoo! I have, of course, learned from these episodes. Anyway, thanks again for this session. It helps me to stop worrying so much about the past failures here at work. I am altering my name as I haven't shared my plans with colleagues yet.

Hi C. Marie--so glad to hear that the series has been helpful to you! And I appreciate that you're taking your time to work through the prompts. I always think it's better to give ourselves that space.

I hear you on the perfectionism thing! We are so hard on ourselves though, and forget the importance of failure in helping us to learn and in showing us where we've taken risks. Good luck as you prepare for the future. It sounds like you're already on a good path forward!

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