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Hi, Michele!
I agree with you that blogging is similar to writing to an audience, while keeping other kind of writing in our career or personal journals, even if, sometimes, they look just like confuse and obscure intuitions, allows us to work through them until they get a more intelligible form and are ready to be shared.
Besides, our hand written stuff may include some too personal issues or subjects there is no interest in blogging about, but that, with time and reflection, may reveal some hidden feature that will turn to be the core of an important idea that can be generalized and thus results useful to others.
Right now, I’m receiving strong inspiration from your last posts, as I must create a sort of “writing workshop” for my young students: I should keep them writing along the whole school year - both creative and utilitarian writing - and I’m finding strong arguments and motivating ideas for that purpose, in your blog posts.
And I’m surely very grateful.

Ines, I think you are so right about how the handwritten more "personal" stuff can eventually morph into something that can be generalized about and shared with others. Many of my blog posts have emerged from me wrestling with issues or ideas in my more personal journals. At some point I'll realize that I'm not alone in this and that it could be helpful to share some of the lessons I'm learning.

I'm so glad that these last few posts have been helpful to you in thinking about how to do a writing workshop for your students and agree that it's important to provide space for all different kinds of writing. I'd love to hear how things progress through the year!


Harold has been a real inspiration for my own blogging activities, and I find that it's a nice outlet for ideas, reflections, and observations. With the right platform, some of those "not ready for public consumption" entries can be hidden from public view but still available to you. I find that it's still helpful to take the time and articulate ideas and thoughts in writing, even if I know I'm the only one to see it. Who knows...as time passes, I may re-visit those "hidden" posts and see if they are worth sharing, along with any new revelations.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging and career journaling. I look forward to continuing the discussion. :)

Good point about articulating thoughts in hidden posts revisiting them later. I have several posts in draft format that helped me formulate my thoughts, but ultimately I didn't publish. The process of writing them, though, helped me refine my thinking. And agreed that Harold is an inspiration! :-)

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