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Wow, great find! I'm going to have to check it out. Happy New Year!

Thanks, Beth--Brene's work is really interesting and inspiring. I've also ordered a couple of her books, so I'll see what other treasures I find.

Happy New Year to you, too, and so glad to hear that you're manuscript is out the door!

Hi Michele,

I'm really enjoying your blog. This post particularly interests me. I created a presentation that I delivered at a symposium for teacher-librarians and then to the other teachers at my school. The presentation focused on my role at the school and my need for authenticity. I used excerpts from Brene Brown's TED talk, as well as Ken Robinson's. It was well-received, and I think it has clarified my role as teacher-librarian for those who were willing to listen.

Doing the presentation at my school certainly made me feel vulnerable, but it's something I needed to do to bring authenticity to my work.


Eileen, I love that idea and the fact that you put yourself out there in that way! I imagine that it was harder to do it with other teachers at your school than it was to do it at the symposium. One thing I'm finding is that in a strange way, it's easier to be vulnerable in front of relative strangers, than it is to put yourself out there with people you know. I think it's because the people you know have opinions and a picture of you that can cause them to be more resistant.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Wow! This whole space has to be about the most authentic info, comments, and conversation that I have come across. I have so much admiration for folks who are willing to put themselves "out there". That is the definition of genuine.

Thanks, Margaret--glad you enjoyed the post! I do think that this issue is a big one for workforce development folks to really understand, since I believe it's one of the primary emotions we are dealing with in working with our client populations.

Good article! I've seen too many people in the workplace more interested in covering their own butt than anything else. In the end, it works against them as it creates barriers for them. These days jobs may only last a few years, but during that time, the people you work with are in a way your family, and it's important to have the ability to connect with them.

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