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A tweet from Stephen Downes that's been hanging in my head for a few weeks: This may be the biggest challenge to ongoing innovation. Most humans are not good at feeling perpetually incompetent. It is frighening and a blow to our egos to think that we may not have a firm grip on our work. We tend to fight situations that make us feel like we don't know what we're... Read more →

Stepping Back to Move Forward

Fifteen years ago, after a weekend career retreat I ran for myself, I walked into my full-time job and quit. I realized that for a variety of reasons, the position was no longer working for me and I wanted to move into something else. With two kids heading into summer daycare that would eat up a good portion of my check, it seemed like quitting to work full-time on new... Read more →

For those of you who may be thinking about going out on your own, I highly recommend Rosetta Thurman's upcoming Side Hustle Boot Camp. It's a day-long, live online event scheduled for November 11. All who attend the Side Hustle Boot Camp will experience and receive the following: A powerful message from keynote speaker A‚ÄôLelia Bundles, the great-great granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker, the first black female millionaire Practical business... Read more →

One of the most powerful ways to bypass our thinking brains is to use visuals. Images have a way of opening us up to different stories and information in ourselves that our verbal, logical brains tend to block. I've also found that images can get us talking about the issues that may be more difficult for us to discuss and they provide us with great metaphors for developing deeper insights.... Read more →

5 Questions to Assess Your Company's Professional Development Opportunities

Yesterday I posted on a new reality we need to accept--that we can't leave professional development up to our employers because they aren't providing it. This isn't true for everyone, of course. You need to evaluate your personal situation. So I thought it would be helpful to come up with some key questions to ask. One word of caution--don't assume that because your organization talks about professional development and the... Read more →

Reality Check: Companies Aren't Developing Their Workers

An interesting article in last week's Wall Street Journal by Peter Cappelli from the Wharton School on why companies can't find the employees they need: With an abundance of workers to choose from, employers are demanding more of job candidates than ever before. They want prospective workers to be able to fill a role right away, without any training or ramp-up time. In other words, to get a job, you... Read more →

On Passion

I am writing this on a MacBook Pro, listening to music on my iPod, which seems fitting, given that I am posting about Mona Simpson's eulogy for her brother, Steve Jobs. Certainly in the days following his death, there was much attention paid to Jobs' business acumen and success. But I'm far more moved and inspired by what Mona had to say about who he was as a man, as... Read more →