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My morning rituals vary and the variety depends on what time my work begins. If I have a late morning start with work, I drink 4-6 glasses of water as I wake up, toilet and do a few yoga stretches just to limber up and then sit to meditate with a combination of breathing and bodily awareness and an exercise to connect with the universe and its energy to align my head, heart and belly feel the synchronicity of my neurons and become mindfully present. Then I do a metta meditation wishing well and happiness to my loved ones, friends and acquaintances and all beings in this planet. Then I stretch my body and limbs getting ready for my exercise which include 100 – 500 push ups, 100 – 500 sit ups and callisthenics getting ready for a run, a bike ride or a swim which will take 30 to 45 minutes. For cooling down, I again stretch and do a breathing exercise before showering. All this takes between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. I cut down some of these things depending on the mood and the time and what I have in store for the day, but variety is important for me which exercises different parts of my body and then stops me from falling into a pattern and a routine. The other challenge is I can never leave the home in a rush, even if is a pre dawn start without doing some of these. My family has learned to accept this ritual and now I see 2 our 4 children getting into a ritual most mornings. At night, before I fall asleep, I connect with the universe by focussing on my breath and reflect on the entire day's events and thank the universe for everything I have and wishing even the better day the next.

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