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I’m so glad you found the book as useful as I thought you would!

Ibarra’s ideas really resonated with me. By mid-career, we are so invested in our professional identities that it can be quite daunting to consider making changes.

The framework Ibarra uncovered gave me some new questions for my own explorations:
> What are all the possible identities I might have (some of which may be part-time identities already)?
> How can I experiment more thoroughly with testing these possible identities out? For me, this may not mean wholesale career change, but rather subtle shifts that don’t require changing jobs but do entail shifting responsibilities (although that’s not easy either).
> Who can I identify as a possible role model for the kind of professional I want to be, and how do I engage that person in my explorations? What other communities do I want to join?
> How can I get in the habit of crafting and re-crafting my own career story – using current events to reinterpret the past in order to make sense of my future?

It was also validating to note that this is a slow process best managed in the day-to-day rather than a matter of making a career decision and executing it swiftly.

I completely agree that Working Identity is a terrific resource for those who are considering career options – especially those who are already established in a career that isn’t working for them in some way.

Love your questions, Catherine--I'm putting those in a new post!! :-)

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