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Before reading Carol Dweck's book I thought of myself as having a growth mindset. After reading it, I have a different perspective. I think it's more that I have more of a growth mindset than the extremely fixed mindsets of some of the people in my life.

Really, I am close to the middle of the spectrum. Which means it takes effort and attention to consciously choose the growth mindset at times. Like you, it's easier when I am clearly doing something to learn. Much harder to integrate into daily practice.

Yes, Christine, that's my experience too. That I'm generally more pre-disposed to a growth orientation than many other people can also make me feel a little smug about it, like that's how I ALWAYS am. But I'm realizing that when I start to feel resistance and frustration, it's often because I've moved into fixed mindset and didn't recognize it. So I'm trying to see that moment when it happens so I can remind myself to ask the question "what can I learn right now"? HARD to do, even just noticing, let alone responding differently!

Yes, I'm at the noticing but not always doing something stage....

Noticing is better than nothing, in my book. It's the first step toward recovery. :-)

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