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I have done all of the above and friends and family often look at me with a puzzled look, a shake of the head and then a small sile starts to spread across their face. Some even admit they wish they could too.

The only thing I would add is that the "web and social networks" are tools and do nothing except what the user chooses. I use both extensively for the very purpose of gathering new information, stepping outside my knowledge area and often follow people on Twitter that I frequently have a quick negative reaction to something they post-I keep following because they teach me two things: 1) that other people don't think or believe in the same things in the same way I do and that is important to remember and 2) it makes me question my own beliefs and assumptions and helps me when working with others, to remember that just because they use the information, coaching or prompting I provide differently than I would, it may just be better.

Hi Karin--I hear you on family and friends giving that puzzled look. So true

I agree that social networking tools that do only what we choose to make them do. I've found that I have to be deliberate, though, in using them to find and "listen" to people who have different opinions than I do. We tend to be attracted to those who are like us and want to follow the "Me Too!" crowd. At least for me, I have to challenge this all the time and ask myself if I am listening to people who think differently than I do for exactly the reasons you mention.

Thanks for the great comment!

Michele, thanks for the great reminder to critically re-examine your life every now and again.

I find it helpful (when I'm feeling stuck) to select someone whose life I admire (for any reason) and focus on the things they do or the things they're involved in that I specifically wish I could replicate in my own life. Then I try to make a to do list of the steps I could take to make those things a reality! It helps me remember that anything's possible if you can find the way.

Thanks, Kelly-that's a great point! And I like that you follow up with action steps of things you could do to make it happen. I've found that the hardest thing is actually taking the time to re-examine your life. We need to give ourselves more permission to do that!

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