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The Conference Call or "Death by a Thousand Bleeps"

Glen Ross of the American Cancer Society recently shared this hilarious video of a typical conference call. I probably spend a good 10-15 hours a week on these things and I have to say that the video pretty much captures my experience. So in support of more effective conference calling, here are some resources that might help: Fast Company's 10 Rules for Effective Conference Calls--Great tips, but I particularly enjoy... Read more →

I've written before about the importance of reflective practice in professional development--the process of reflecting on your development as a professional and recording those thoughts somehow. The problem for most people is that getting in a regular practice of reflecting and recording can be difficult. Developing new habits can be hard, so having a tool to help you along can be invaluable. So, via TechCrunch and Marianne Lenox, here's a... Read more →

When You Assume Bad Faith, You Get It

< There was an interesting article over the weekend in the Telegraph from Dan Pink on Netflix's "no policy" approach to HR policies. It's an outgrowth of their corporate culture, captured beautifully in their "Reference Guide on our Freedom and Responsibility Culture" outlined in the Slideshare presentation above--well worth a read through. Pink's article notes that Netflix has learned something that Clay Shirky talks about in Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and... Read more →

So You Think You Can Control Social Media by Controlling Access? Think Again.

Several years ago I was going to fly with a friend who'd never been on a plane before. He told me what he hated most about the idea of flying was that he wasn't "in control." This was a person who never let anyone else drive the car because he only trusted himself to make the split-second decision to swerve or brake should trouble strike. In helping him try to... Read more →

10 Reasons NOT to Ban Social Media in Your Organization

Jane Hart is spearheading an effort to collect information on why you should NOT ban social media in your organization. Below, my rebuttals to the reasons most commonly given by organizations to keep social media out. Social media is a fad. While specific tools may be more or less popular at any given time or in a particular industry, the principles of social media are here to stay. Conversations, transparency,... Read more →

The other day, Stephen Downes posted the graphic above--without comment, which it didn't really need because the graphic says it all. And the graphic reminded me of a wonderful recent blog post by Kivi Leroux Miller on creating website content your visitors really want, which suggests that most people who visit your site or blog or whatever come with specific questions and your job is to answer those questions. Usually... Read more →