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Web 2.0 Wednesday: Create a Web 2.0 "Icebreaker" Activity

Starting in September, I'll be working as lead instructor for the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington's Future Executive Directors' Fellowship program. We'll meet once a month for some intensive face-to-face sessions, but we'll be facilitating our learning in between classes through a special Ning network we've set up. This has me thinking about online icebreakers, so I thought that would make a great Web 2.0 Wednesday activity for the week.... Read more →

Can Social Media for Learning Co-Exist with Command and Control Work Environments?

In response to yesterday's post on supporting learning to performance, Dave Ferguson left me an interesting comment: I think you have a good suggestion in terms of applying social media, though I'm not convinced it's always and everywhere necessary. You say, for example, "when workers are sharing and discussing via 'closed' systems such as email and face-to-face conversations," information about thinks like lack of understanding or need for new skills... Read more →

Supporting Learning-to-Performance in Organizations

Will Thalheimer has posted an excellent diagram that describes the flow of activities that take place from learning to performance in organizations. Go here for a larger version. What strikes me is how many of the activities that Will describes for both learning professionals and management can be supported by social media. For example, in the pre-learning phase, learning professionals need to identify organizational learning needs. In an organization that's... Read more →

What Does the Voice of the Learner Tell Us?

The Masie Center has just published the results of their most recent survey on how employees learn in 2008 and it's an interesting read. More people are learning independently in ad hoc, asynchronous fashion. "In a six-month period of time, 70% turned to reading, 58% searched the web and 58% participated in on-line e-Learning to gain new skills or information for their jobs." I'm not sure if this a good... Read more →

In a Panic

I have a confession to make. I can spend a lot of time in panic mode. In most cases I manage to downgrade my panic to more of a low-level anxiety, but whenever I embark on new projects or know that something major is on the line, panic can be a close companion of mine. My first inclination when I feel the panic rise is to stuff it back down,... Read more →

Web 2.0 Wednesday: Poll Madness!

For this week's Web 2.0 Wednesday, we're going to have a little fun with polls, which thanks to the joys of advanced technology, can be embedded in just about anything. You're actually going to have two opportunities to play with polls--first by participating in one and second, by creating one of your own. Of course, as always, what you choose to do is up to you. Participate in a Poll!... Read more →

e-Learning 2.0: Coming to an Enterprise Near You--Or is It?

Over at The eLearning Guild Research blog, Steve Wexler has been sharing some of the research we've been looking at to prepare the Guild's e-Learning 2.0 report, due out in late September. I've had a chance to see all of it because I'm co-authoring an essay that will be included in the report and there's some very interesting stuff there. These are some nuggets that Steve's shared so far that... Read more →

Moving Forward, Bird by Bird

As I work on my Artist's Way project, I'm coming across various ideas that, although not new, still strike a chord in me. Here's one that I think is important: We get further doing something small and do-able daily in the life we already have. When we make changes, we're inclined to try to "go big." We look at starting a blog, for example, and our minds turn to setting... Read more →

52 Ways to Change the World

Here's a nice way to end the week. At 52 Ways to Change the World, 17 year-old Julie Zauzmer posts weekly podcasts on: quick and easy way to make a difference and change the world! From bowling to birthday parties to just searching the web, charity and community service can become a fun, easy, and rewarding part of your everyday life! Listen for a few minutes every week and help... Read more →

Four Practices for Bringing Artistry to Your Work

A few years ago, as part of my recovery from depression and divorce, I began to explore my artistic side. As things got better and I became more engulfed in work, my creativity dried up. I miss it because not only was it personally satisfying, art also fed my creativity in other facets of my life. As an antidote to my current dried up state, I'm now working with a... Read more →